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Great app

Really helpful.


This widget is perfect for quickly browsing your whole calendar from anywhere. Im always the first one in a room to answer what day a specific holiday is. Its so easy to quickly check my schedule while on the phone.

Tiny, Powerful

Very helpful

Love it

Just what I need. Simple, elegant, efficient and syncs fantastically!

Best substitute for iOS default calendar widget

The iOS default calendar widget wont show the all day events which is frustrating and its full of bugs. This widget solved everything wrong with the iOS default widget

In French !

Please, translated into french thanks


Need show/access icloud calendar, modify by network (ex: family !). Bug with somedays (no put in widget :/). But else perfect ! So make update ;)!

Good but ... !

Usefull application but the mini mode dont work anymore, no link with the internal calendar when you choose a date, and a translation in french. An update please ?!

Again the same problem !

Always same problem when i change month in Notification Center, the calendar crash and disappears

A must have!!!

I really love this app and here are some ideas of improvement: - possibility to add an event (for example, by pressing 1 or 2 seconds the number of the day) - show the week number, maybe on the left side of the widget

Excellent app!

Excellent app. Keep it up! Nice upgrade. Could we have a year view in the widget ? Thank you guys for all.

The best widget in AppStore

With the last update it is almost perfect. Suggestion: include an option to switch time format to 24h or use the system format. Bug: The down arrow is always highlighted, even when you are at the bottom of the list of events.

Muito bom!

Very practicle widget! Two things I would like to see on it: clickable events (redirecting to the stock calendar app) and events location (under the events description)! Bring back the formal date (mm/dd/yy) to the App!

Works great

Thank you! Please add german translation and the possibilty to see the dates of the next days.


Nice and easy to use.

Best calendar widget

Syncs with your iCloud calendar automatically and looks awesome. You can also see events right from the widget.

Simple but effective

Great widget. Syncs with stock Calendar app. Not sure why Apple couldnt implement something like this.


Best app in the store. What Apple didnt do..


I wish mini view would allow me to see more than two items on my list. Please add the option for the user to select how many items appear...I want to be able to view all items at one glance. Right now Im frustrated that I get false clicks trying to scroll through the two item list and the app ends up opening my calendar. Add this feature and Ill give the app 5 stars. I like the week view but do not like all the false clicks causing the ios calendar app to open. Suggestion...use a long click to open ios calendar.

Date format localized not right in traditional Chinese

Hi this is a great widget. however, could you please update the date format for traditional Chinese? Instead of showing 金木水火土 for Monday Tuesday ... Can you make it so it shows 星期一,星期二...? Also is it possible to localize settings to traditional Chinese? I can provide translation if needed.

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