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Widget Calendar app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 912 ratings )
Productivity Lifestyle
Developer: yoon sik kang
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.4.0, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 13 Oct 2014
App size: 12.12 Mb

Widget Calendar shows the full calendar in widget.

- See the calendar and the events in widget
- View all reminders and manage it
- Manage D-Days
- Various themes
- Open Calendar / Reminders app from the widgets of the date
- Hide events of category that you dont want to see in widget
- Smooth transitions and no buggy interactions

The fastest way to check your calendar whenever you need to, even when the screen is locked!

* Design by Dannion Kim.

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Pros and cons of Widget Calendar app for iPhone and iPad

Widget Calendar app good for

This widget is perfect for quickly browsing your whole calendar from anywhere. Im always the first one in a room to answer what day a specific holiday is. Its so easy to quickly check my schedule while on the phone.
Just what I need. Simple, elegant, efficient and syncs fantastically!
The iOS default calendar widget wont show the all day events which is frustrating and its full of bugs. This widget solved everything wrong with the iOS default widget
Need show/access icloud calendar, modify by network (ex: family !). Bug with somedays (no put in widget :/). But else perfect ! So make update ;)!
I really love this app and here are some ideas of improvement: - possibility to add an event (for example, by pressing 1 or 2 seconds the number of the day) - show the week number, maybe on the left side of the widget
Excellent app. Keep it up! Nice upgrade. Could we have a year view in the widget ? Thank you guys for all.

Some bad moments

Always same problem when i change month in Notification Center, the calendar crash and disappears
I really like the "mini mode," which is the option of looking at either the week or month view by tapping an arrow instead of having to open an app. This allows for a smaller footprint in the today notifications while still allowing for a full view of the month, in the widget, if needed. This may seem to be trivial, but when you have a lot of widgets to scroll through the efficient use of space can decide if its a keeper or not. On iPhone 6s Plus
When I open app though, I only get settings menu, nothing else. Where is actual calendar?
Someone got it right, functionality without the complexity from overthinking and overbuilding. One of the true go-to apps on my iPad and iPhone.
It would be easier to rate if it actually let you leave the settings menu. Otherwise, its a pretty useful calendar settings game. Amaze your friends with your skills!
If youre looking for a handy calendar widget that combines the best of the stock iOS Calendar app with the simplicity and visibility of a widget, W. Calendar is an excellent addition to your Notification Center (NC). It allows you to overview the entire current month (based on the date/time of your device), and you can see other months before or ahead of the current month. Along with this, each day includes a list of events on your calendar, color-coded based on your iOS Calendar lists. You can customize the calendar to your liking by changing the background color, whether Monday or Sunday is the first day of the week, which event lists are visible, and even if you want the calendar to be shown in a more compact form with only the current week in view. All you have to do to see it is download this app, adjust the settings in the app as you want, open NC, scroll to the bottom, tap Edit, and add the widget (you can also adjust its position relative to other widgets in this Edit section). It will then appear in your NC whenever you open it. The only major improvement I see room for is a greater ability to customize colors. If the font color of the calendar could be changed, it would be flawless in my opinion. Overall, I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants a quick-view calendar in their Notification Center because it functions like a real digital calendar, displaying events and dates in a quick and accessible fashion.

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